Programs of our School include world class curriculum and knowledgeable development that meet the needs of child development.

  • We sustain Creativity innate to the child by faciliting Do IT YOURSELF(DIY)learning methods.
  • In first of its kind,excellent infrastructure is provided,with modern learning tools in a sprawling campus to promote lateral thinking.
  • Exploration and Innovation as the keywords for promoting learning.
  • Well Researched into curriculum develop interpersonal skills,group skills and cooperative skills.
  • All students get individual attention and we customize the teaching strategies based on the evaluated learning pattern of each child.
  • Thematic approaches are adopted to develop multiple intelligence in the child.
  • Opportunity to acquire sensorial,cognitive skills and language proficiency.
  • Emotional intelligence building and development of holistic personality among the children.
  • Creative abilities, Geography, Science, Mathematical skills and exposure to the real world of life.
  • All these and more while retaining the creative best in your child.
  • Concept developed and deployed by Teachers with IIT and IIM background with more than 20 years of experience in education.