Age Group: 4.10 – 5.10 Years

Timings: 9:00 AM to 1:30 PM

The U Kg level at BLOOMFIELD is the significance stage of introduction to formal learning methods and schooling for the future . This level inculcates the qualities of curiosity, exploration and learning by combining the playway and formal methods in a fun filled , safe and happy environment. Emphasis is laid on building the child’s self confidence and the ability to effectively communicate in English. To ensure this, well trained and qualified teachers are appointed and trained periodically to ensure effective learning. The curriculum is well balanced and planned for a smooth transition to formal school , by laying emphasis on Cognitive, Personal, Emotional and Social development . Phonics and mathematics skills along with formal writing of Letters and numerals are enhanced in this level with regular monitoring and individual attention bestowed where and when needed. Each child is given the freedom to explore, know , understand and form his/her own ideas. Games, creative projects, story telling, arts , craft play a major role in preparing this level children for the formal schooling.